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North Phoenix Guns is a gun dealer, gun store and pawn shop all wrapped into one.  Being a licensed gun broker, we are able to provide FFL transfers on either the sending or receiving end of the transfer process.  With the convenience of providing a transfer form online for submission, it allows us to swiftly and efficiently complete gun transfers for our customers.  Whether it is the first time you have bought a firearm online, or just one of many times you’ve transferred firearms across state lines, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice choosing North Phoenix Guns.

What Is An FFL Transfer?

FFL stands for Federal Firearms Licensee.  Having this license means the an agency is legally able to receive or send firearms to or from another licensed agent of firearms, that cross state lines.  In addition, being licensed means that the agency complies with the laws with running background checks through the NCIS, and receiving clearance before releasing any firearms received.  The requirements and policies for FFL gun dealers derived from the federal regulations of the Gun Control Act in 1968.

Although, every state has their own gun laws and restrictions, Arizona ranks as the #2 state, right behind Alaska, on how friendly states are to responsible gun owners, and responsible persons.

How To Get An FFL In Az

The first time you buy a firearm online, or from a private seller outside of your state, some new gun owners need guidance.  And, as a responsible FFL gun dealer, we want to ensure that you procure the transfer of your firearm, and have it in your hands, as soon as fees ably possible.  Therefore, as an FFL dealer, here’s some helpful hints to get the clearance required, and complete the ATF Form 4473, and meet the requirements of the FFL transfer process, swiftly.

  • Find a Local FFL Gun Dealer And Applying For An FFL – When you buy the gun online from an authorized dealer, their license will allow them to begin the process of the transfer, and transfer it to the local FFL gun dealer of your choice, forward it to the gun dealer, so the firearm can be transferred legally over state lines.
  • Being Gifted or Buying From Out Of State Gun Owner – If you gift, buy or receive a firearm from a private owner, and the firearm has to cross state lines, it is imperative to know if they have an FFL license.  If they do, then you need to find only a local gun dealer close to you, to complete the process.  If they are not, then you will need to locate  two FFL gun dealers.  One for gun owner to take it to, and then the other to receive it here in Arizona, to process and complete the transfer of ownership to you.
  • The Process to Transfer a Firearm – Once the firearm has arrived to the receiving FFL, the gun dealer has a few requirements they have to meet to stay in compliance with their license.  First, the firearm has to be properly logged, and the background check completed and approved to release the firearm to you.  Once the approval is received, the FFL dealer will contact you. 
  • Complete ATF Form 4473 – Before the firearm can be handed to you, this form needs to be completed and signed.  This form records the transaction and transfer of the firearm on a federal lever.
  • Make sure that you have all of the necessary identification and documents that the FFL requires to complete the transfer and receive your gun.

Having An Arizona CCW Permit Perks – If you have a permit to conceal and carry, this information can rapidly speed up the process for the FFL to receive clearance and approval to release your firearm to you.

North Phoenix Guns does not have a SOT license.  Thereby, we are unable to handle any transfers for silencers, explosives or destructive devices.

Local FFL Transfer of firearms in North Phoenix by a licensed gun dealer - North Phoenix Guns

Age Requirements To Own A Firearm

You must be a minimum of 18 years old to purchase a shotgun, rifle and their ammunition, or to have them legally transferred to you.  To purchase a handgun (pistol or revolver), and its ammunition, you must be 21 years or older.  In addition, you must be able to provide proof of your age and identity at the time of the sale and/or transfer.  Therefore, please have your valid Arizona Drivers License or State/Government Issued ID card readily available.  If you have an Arizona CCW permit and submitted its information on our online form, please have this readily available for the verification process as well.

FFL Transfer Pickup Policies

Our agent will contact you as soon as everything is in order for you to receive your firearms.  Please don’t show up prematurely based on receiving delivery conformation from the parcel service.   Because North Phoenix Guns does follow all of the FFL transfer rules.  Therefore, we are unable to release any firearms until they are logged in, and the clearance and approval is received to release the firearm to its owner.

Once we have notified you, you have 30 days to come down to the store and claim your firearm.  After 30 days, any firearms that have not been picked up are subject to standard storage fees.

Transfer Fees

At North Phoenix Guns our FFL transfer fess are $50 per transfer on pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns!  Give us a call and ask to speak with our authorized agent for FFL transfers at (602) 395-5551.  He will be able to answer any questions you have, and validate that North Phoenix Guns is the best choice for all of your FFL transfer needs.  Or you can click on the bottom right of your screen to reach an assistant via live-chat now.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Phoenix FFL transfers, and our process.

When Your Firearm Will Be Ready To Transfer To You

An FFL in Arizona is necessary any time a handgun, shotgun or rifle exchanges ownership via the internet, or crosses state lines.  The process is simple, and takes only a couple of minutes to complete and submit our FFL transfer form online.  After you click submit, our authorized agent will swiftly begin the process.  Our authorized dealer will contact you as soon as both, the firearm is received, and the clearance from the background check has been confirmed.  *Please note that if you receive confirmation that your firearm has been delivered to our store, does not mean your firearm is ready to transfer to you.  No firearms will be released until North Phoenix Pawn has received approval from NICS.

If you would like a copy of our FFL, just click on the red link below to copy or download.

North Phoenix Guns Federal Firearms License.  

FFL Transfers are provided for North Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria and surrounding areas.  Because at North Phoenix Guns, we are the gun store and gun dealer of choice that Phoenix residents have come to rely on for all of their firearms, accessories, ammo and FFL Transfer needs!

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