Gun Collection Dealer

A gun collection dealer pays attention to the details, and has a plethora of  knowledge of things most gun enthusiasts do not notice.  For instance, they know which antique guns are mostly sought, and identify releases that were limited editions.  In addition, they identify many antique gun maker symbols, to define, exactly these symbols signify.  Their attention to the details also gives them the insight to identify a hand crafted antique gun rack, and its monetary value.

Whether you have inherited your granddad’s collection, or you have a personal gun collection, our gun collection dealer will accurately assess your firearms.  Therefore, giving North Phoenix Guns the ability to present the best possible offer around, and turn it into cash in your hands!

Gun Collection Dealer, Buyer & Seller

If you’re selling gun collections, come in and meet our manager at North Phoenix Guns.  Once you do, you’ll know you are finding a gun collection buyer you can rely on, to accurately assess your firearms’ values.  Because, he knows that there are multiple factors to consider to correctly appraise your collection.  Likewise, we do understand that these are not just a random collection of firearms.  Most importantly, they represent an interest and a hobby that has become a carefully chosen investment.  Therefore, our gun collection dealer will take his time to consider the preservation and value of each firearm.

As gun collection buyers, we know that collectors firearms are a reflection of how much this interest has grown.  Thereby, making these antique gems very sought after, and increasing their value.  However, as a firearm’s trending power declines, it also tends to decrease their value as well.

Whether you have one firearm, or a small gun collection for sale, your firearms will be in the best of hands!  Once the assessment is complete, our gun collection dealer will ask you to come back down to our store, to present our offer to you.

Gun Collection Dealer at North Phoenix Guns | We valuate antique guns and muskets

Antique Gun Appraisal

Have you ever wondered what year is a gun an antique?  Well, an antique firearm was made (or replicas of) in or by 1898.  These are mostly muzzle-loading handguns or rifles, that used ammunition that is no longer sold commercially.  We do provide a free antique gun appraisal of value, with no obligation to accept our cash offer.  Here are some factors we consider to assess each antique firearm:

  • The age of the firearm.  The markings on the gun, at the time of manufacturing are the indicators relied on.  The older it is, it tends to have more monetary value.
  • The gun’s condition, rating system of 6 categories are: excellent, fine, very good, good, fair, or poor.
  • Whether the firearm has been fired, or not.
  • If any famous or infamous person once owned the firearms.  Bring along any and all paperwork, receipts and or certificates of authenticity to provide to our gun collection dealer. 
  • If any parts have been refurbished, or replaced, and if the gun is complete and in working order.

With the way that some of these firearms trend in popularity, our gun collection dealer does rely on current values of gun collections online for sale.  This allows us to present the best antique gun offers possible.

We Buy Antique Guns & More

We have a very impressive gun collection, that you will find in our display cases, and on our gun wall.  They are all the proof we need that we make the best offers and turn them into cash in your hands.  Whether they are new, used, limited editions, or antiques we have bought, that is due to our attention to details, and accurate assessments when it comes to firearms.  Because we take pride in our ability to recognize value when we see it, and put our money where our mouth is when it comes to making you a cash offer.

Being that we buy, sell and loan based on a gun’s value, we are also a Federal Firearms Licensee.  Therefore, providing the ability to complete the sale, without any delay.   In addition, we also provide these services, whether or not we personally buy or sell a firearm from our customers.

North Phoenix Guns is available and ready to be your gun collection dealer!  We can buy antique gun, or buy your entire gun collection!  Most importantly, we pay entirely in cash, once you accept our cash offer!  Come in and see us today!

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