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Gun Shops Phoenix

Gun Shops Phoenix - North Phoenix Guns
For over 25 years, North Phoenix Guns continues to buy, sell and pawn firearms, making us one of the best one-stop gun shops Phoenix has!  Yes, we are a pawn shop with guns.  However, we are that and so much more!  Our store is stocked with both used and new firearms and accessories.  And our price tags on quality used merchandise are way below retail prices.  North Phoenix Guns is also a licensed FFL gun dealer, and extend our services to the public when they buy a firearm online.

Most importantly, North Phoenix Guns helps those who are burdened with financial stress, by offering some practical solutions to overcome them.  Because our business provides the ability for someone to get the fast cash they need, by selling or pawning items they own, that have monetary value.  Most importantly, we also share the aspects that help our customers get the best offers possible, whether they choose to pawn or sell them!  And by doing this, it gives us the advantage of being one of the gun shops Phoenix residents relies on to help them get the cash they need!

Az Gun Pawn Shops

North Phoenix Guns is not just another pawn shop, that buys, pawns and sells used revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns, along with other valuables.  We are on of the few gun shops Phoenix residents can rely on to buy antique, new or used firearms, gun accessories and boxes of ammo.  In addition, the new guns and used firearms you will find at our store have many accessories and some tactical gear available as well.

Brands of Guns For Sale

Smith & Wesson – Glock – O.F. Mossberg & Sons – Sturm & Ruger & Co. – Sig Sauer – Taurus International – Remington – Savage Arms – Springfield Armory Inc. 

Lay-Away Available With 25% Down

North Phoenix Guns is one of the gun shops in Phoenix that provides the ability to put any of our firearms for sale on our lay-away program.  With 25% down of the total amount, our pawnbrokers will set aside the gun of your choice, and place it on a payment plan.  The lay-away agreement will state the monthly minimum payment, and placed on a schedule.  Once the last payment is made, the firearm is yours!

Online Guns We Have For Sale Are On

North Phoenix Guns does have firearms for sale, and listed on  Because we are aware of fraudulent online dealers, and we are not willing to put you in harms way.  Therefore, we have aligned with the most trusted online gun dealer across the country.

FFL Gun Dealer
Local FFL Transfers for North Phoenix residents

Whether you buy a firearm online, or receive a firearm that must cross state lines, a FFL gun dealer is needed to help you legally own and possess that firearm.  That is where North Phoenix Guns comes in and is one of the gun shops Phoenix has to rely on, for all off your FFL transfer needs.  Our transfer fee is only $50, and will cover one or multiple firearms that are listed on the same transfer.  Our store complies with all state and federal laws regarding the sales and transfers of handguns and long guns, and age requirements.

Our transfer form is available to complete and submit online.  Once it is submitted, our authorized gun dealer will begin the background check process through the FBI’s NCIS, promptly and efficiently.  However, it can take up to 72 hours to receive this confirmation, unless you have a Concealed and Carry Weapons permit.  Therefore, on our submission form, please include all of the pertinent information, to expedite the clearance and complete the transfer as quickly as possible.

Out of all the gun shops Phoenix has, North Phoenix Guns is the premier pawn shop with guns, a local gun broker and conveniently located just south of Peoria, on 19th Avenue.

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