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Sell Gun and Get Fast Cash - North Phoenix GunsWelcome to North Phoenix Guns, your premier destination for all your firearm needs. We understand that circumstances may arise where you find yourself wanting or needing to sell a gun for cash. Whether you just want some extra cash, or need it to pay bills, we will help you get the cash you need. And at North Phoenix Guns, we are known for our accurate assessments, and a fair cash offer when you sell gun to our store.

When it comes to selling a gun, one of the most important considerations is finding the best way to do so. With more and more of online platforms and various marketplaces, selling a gun has become more accessible than ever before. However, there is never a guarantee on how long it will take to sell.  Therefore, if you do not have time to spare, you can sell gun to a pawnshop to get the fast cash you need.

North Phoenix Pawn will be your guide. We will offer you useful advice. This will help you get fast cash. We will also help you get the best offer possible.

Where to Sell Gun Near Me

Selling a gun to a pawn shop, like North Phoenix Guns, guarantees you’ll have cash in your hands in mere minutes. We have the time and ability to allow the firearm to sell at its own pace. Additionally, we are a Federal Firearms License FFL Dealer. Which means we will be handling all the necessary paperwork and background checks.

Best Way to Sell Gun

Here are some essential tips to make your selling experience a smooth one and hassle free. First and foremost, always prioritize safety. Before showcasing your firearm to our pawnbroker, at North Phoenix Guns, make sure it is unloaded prior to arriving at our gun store.

  • Here are what you will want to do, prior to coming to our store to sell gun:for the most cash possible when you sell gun to North Phoenix Guns, make sure you follow all of our tips.
  • Take the time to clean your gun. Ensure it is in its best condition. Then bring gun to a pawnshop.
  • Gather all the accessories that came with the gun. Include the original packaging.
  • Bring any paperwork, bill of sale, or receipts with you. Ensure that these documents have the serial number of your firearm.
  • Examine the market value of used firearms of the same make and model online. This will give you an idea of how much you can possibly get. Good sites to check are and

Assessment to Offer When You Sell Gun at North Phoenix Guns

Assessment to sell gun to North Phoenix GunsAll of our assessments of guns are free of charge. Nor or you obligated to accept our offer.

Our pawnbroker will begin with noting the year, make and model of the gun. Followed by ensuring the gun is not loaded. After that, they will look over the exterior condition of the firearm. This is to grade its visual appeal, from the aspect of a buyer.

They will inspect the internal parts of the gun. They want to make sure all parts are present and the gun is in good working order. Finally, they will look up the current market value of the firearm, and then make an offer to buy the gun.

What Do I Need to Sell My Gun?

You will need your valid and current driver’s license with you to sell your gun at North Phoenix Guns. The law requires you to prove you are 18 years old when selling a gun. This applies to both rifles and shotguns. And to buy or sell gun that is a pistol or revolver, you must be 21 years old.

It will take only a short time to finish the paperwork for the gun sale. Then, you can sign it. Once that is complete, we will count out our offer in cash and hand it to you.

Brands of Guns We Buy

GlockSIG SauerSturm, Ruger & Co.TaurusSmith & Wesson – Heckler and Koch – O.F. Mossberg – Savage Arms – Springfield Armory – Benelli – & More.

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