Pawn Handguns

Instead of selling, why not pawn handguns when you need some fast cash?  There are a few reasons that this can be the best solution when you are in a temporarily strapped for cash.  To begin with, the difference of the cash you receive from selling vs pawning is only slightly higher.  And, if your lack of cash is only a temporary setback, then this short term solution could be the answer you are looking for.  Moreover, if you are not willing to permanently part with your gun, then pawning it for fast cash, is the perfect fit for your needs.

But, you know what else is important?  Getting the highest offer possible, for your pistol or revolver!  That is where we come in at North Phoenix Guns.  Because we have a well equipped staff, with the skills and experience to make the highest offers.  Therefore, do not hesitate to come on down to North Phoenix Guns.  We offer the most cash, and put it directly in your hands within as little as 15 minutes, when you pawn handguns for a 90 day loan.

Pawn Handguns

Since the 16th century, firearms have been a part of our lives for protection and security.  Therefore, they have been worth more than just their monetary value, since their creation.  And what better way to utilize the equity it holds, than when you pawn handguns?!

Here’s some of the most popular handguns brands brought in for pawn loans to North Phoenix Guns:North Phoenix Guns - Pawn Handguns and turn the best offers around, into cash in your hands quickly!

  • Glock
  • Taurus
  • Sig Sauer
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Ruger
  • Colt

Helpful hints on getting the most money possible when you pawn handguns at a pawnshop:

  1. Do not forget to bring any and all the accessories that came with or that you purchased separately for your handgun.
  2. Any receipts you have from the purchase or any certificates of authenticity is a definite plus!
  3. The original box or packaging that the firearm came in is also an additional item of value.

Our offers to pawn handguns rely on our manager’s valuation of each gun on their own accord.  His skills and experience in our industry allow him to assess a gun’s value accurately and efficiently!

We can turn that handgun into a secured loan, and you will have the cash in your hands in just minutes!  Once our offer is accepted, we will need you to provide the following items. First, a valid and current ID, and a few signatures.  After that, watch as we count the cash offer to pawn gun accessories and then put it in your wallet! While the loan has a balance, your handgun will be safely locked in our vault, waiting to be returned to you!

There are no credit checks, no proof of employment or waiting for days for an approval!

Click on the bottom right to engage in our live-chat, and an associate will answer your questions, and get your paperwork started before you arrive at the store!


All pawn loans at North Phoenix Guns are for 90 days. You are more than welcome to pay the loan back in full or in increments within that time, if you so choose.  However, the only payment stipulation is that the loan be paid in full, by the 90th day.  There are never any additional fees or charges for early payment when you pawn handguns.  In fact, if you satisfy the loan prior to the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due.

However, we also understand if you are unable to meet the requirements in full by the end of the loan term. So consequently, with paying just the interest accrued, we can rewrite your loan for another 90 days. We can extend this offer as many times as needed.  After the loan is satisfied, your handgun will be retrieved from our vault to return to you.

The Best Cash Offers from the Best Pawn Shop!

North Phoenix Guns has been a pawn shop committed to giving the best cash offers, along with the best service for more than 25 years!  We are the one place Phoenix residents have come to know and trust to sell, buy or pawn firearms.

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