Pawn, Sell or Buy Swords, Knives and Bayonets

If you know how well WWII weapons and memorabilia holds their value, it is likely you collect and buy swords, knives and/or bayonets.  These edged weapons are masterly crafted, and a meaningful piece of history.  That’s why, here, at North Phoenix Guns, we gladly buy these relics, whenever we can, and sell them to you.  In addition, their value can also be utilized for a 90 day cash loan at our store.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell or pawn edged weapons of value, you’ve found the premier pawn shop to turn to on the north side of Phoenix!

At North Phoenix Guns you can pawn, sell or buy swords and other weapons

Buy Swords To Expand Your Collection

As you can see above, you can find and buy swords from the past, right at our store.  And if you are a well informed and avid collector, you know what styles, presentations and materials matter, when it comes to a swords value.  As does our managing pawnbroker.  He has a keen eye for these swords, and he happily buys them, whenever he can.

All the swords we have for sale in our store, and online have been thoroughly inspected from our managing pawnbroker, and is the head of our weapons department.  Thanks to him, we know that they are authentic relics, when we buy them, and place them on display to be sold.  So come on down to North Phoenix Guns and check out what we have in store for you.

We Buy Swords, Knives, Daggers and Bayonets

When it comes to collectible edged weapons, we do stick to what we know.  So, as far as militaria, as well as collectible militaria items, such as helmets, gas masks, etc.,  we are the pawn shop that buys swords and bayonets, that you can trust.  And actually, our favorites are from the civil war, and WWII.  In addition, we would like to note that unless it has a high reselling value, we do not buy reproductions of weaponry.  

Knives & Daggers We Buy And SellSell or buy swords, daggers, bayonets and more at North Phoenix Guns

When it comes to knives, no matter what category they fall into, they continue to have distinctive and an artistic design to them.  So consequently, we do buy and sell antiques knives, as well as the cutting edge brands.  The brands that we can never get enough of are:

Benchmade Knife Company – Buck Knives – Boker Knives – KA-BAR – Gerber – ESEE Knives – Al Mar – Fallkniven – Morakniv Knives  Bradford Knives  – Shadow Tech Knives – TOPS Knives – Emerson 

Assessing Edged Weapons We Buy Swords or Pawn Them For Cash

Before we buy swords, or any kind of edged weapons, we do assess them for authenticity and their actual condition, before we can make an offer.  To ensure that you do get the most cash possible, whether you sell or pawn edged weapons, we offer some helpful tips:

  1. Take the time and ensure that you present the sword in its best possible condition.
  2. If it is an antique, bring along a certificate of authenticity, or any documentation you may have.
  3. The receipt from the time of purchase, are also very helpful to increase your cash offer.

Pawn Swords Or Other Edged Weapons

We not only sell and buy swords, we also offer 90 day cash loans to pawn swords as well.  These are also known as collateral or secured loans.  But, there is a major difference between our pawn loans, and our competitors.  Because our offer to pawn swords and more, are only slightly less than our offers when you sell them, while other pawn shops have a significant difference between the two offers.

Our pawn loans give you 90 days to pay off the loan, and receive your property back.  Many of our customers satisfy their loans prior to the 60th day, to take advantage of the redemption discount we deduct from the total amount due.  But, if the 90 days is about to come and go, and you’re having difficulty getting the cash together to pay back the loan, just give us a call or come in!  Keeping in contact with us is the best thing you can do for yourself.  Because, it is never our goal to take ownership of anything pawned.  We are honestly always looking for ways to help in any way we can!

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